Printer Error and an Artful Fail

Printer error pages that spit out of my HP Photosmart printer.

I wasn't thrilled with how much ink was used when my art inkjet printer errored, but this is an enhanced image I created from the fail! A full page of saturated CMYK ink spit out instead of two pages of Word docs. Cool fail, huh?! I'm seeing some fun pattern works both digitally and in fiber. Normally, I use my commercial grade HP laser printer for graphic design but I also have an HP Photosmart inkjet printer that I use for making iron-on transfers and other artful projects that the expensive laser printer isn't suitable for.

AIGA Membership

My new AIGA membership card arrived today -wait, member since 1995?! Holy fonts Batman, where did the time go?! For my WOMEN design associates, a wonderful Women Lead Resource site with AIGA:

TBT dated and not so dated design!

Alyeska Resort was one of my clients and I used to design the season passes for Alyeska using a hard to duplicate (at that time) foil embossed logo with color coded employee, regular pass holders and weekday passes etc. At the time we were also the founders/owners of the Java Haus which I designed the legendary "Espresso Pass" as well as the Java Haus logo which is still used today.

Find YOUR Happy Place

Visit my Cindy Shake Design Facebook page and you can "Doodle Away Your Day"  by downloading FREE coloring pages! Scroll through posts and find some of my favorite pages. Why work when you can doodle and color -or better yet why not WORK AND COLOR?!

Handcrafted Botanical Ink

The first "batch" has been bottled and shared with a few close artsy friends.

OK, I admit the fun part is ALL OF IT! The gathering, the science, the waiting for the alchemy to surprise me, the design of the packaging and label design...and the PAINTING! What fun it is to be an ARTist.

: : NuHu15 : : & Botanical Hand-Crafted INKS!

 I've been inspired lately by natural dyes and inks. I've collected lichens, mushrooms and moss from the Girdwood Valley and berries from Mt. Alyeska. Friends and family have sent me more interesting berries, nuts and mosses from places far and near! I'm experimenting and creating beautiful limited batches of artisan, hand-crafted drawing inks and some of the colors are FAB!

I designed original labels (my favorite part) for the inks.

Thanks to my East Coast extended family collectors for the
wonderful Black Walnuts  which we affectionately named : : NuHu15 : : (or Nut Hunt 2015!) 

Pokeberries were found in Ohio and given to me by my friend Carole! WOW! look at that color!

NEW OrIgIN@l Ravens, Fabrics, and Patterns -oH mY! Only at The Quilted Raven in downtown Anchorage

LOOK! What a wonderful Cindy Shake Design heart emoticon display at The Quilted Raven! Now you can create your very own Raven garden flags, wall art quilt or other project with these new LASER CUT RAVENS! Includes a package of 5 designs! OR, how about crib size Alaska ABC fabric, also available in a fat quarters.