FRESH Art & Design for More Than 30 Years

Happily creating FRESH art & design for more than 30 years.
Working in new forms of digital media, thoughtful and traditional illustration, original sculptural works,  traditional graphic design and web creative. Textile and surface design using direct to print technology and proud Spoonflower and Society6 resident artist/designer.

Crow Creek Cool & ARTful Originals!

Based in Girdwood, Alaska, we design creative provisions to #LiveBrightly including, BAGS, RAVEN & OCEAN FLAGS, FRESH ART, SURFACE DESIGN & TEXTILES in Girdwood, Alaska USA. 

Our original idea to create a cool, water-resistant Growler Bag after a wet & snowy walk home from Girdwood La Bodega, grew to become our most popular brand – Crow Creek Cool.  Our one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted new media provisions are designed as we say for "G'hood Cooltility!" Our indoor/outdoor provisions are designed for those with a no-door lifestyle!

Our ORIGINAL and vibrant Garden Flags designed by Cindy Shake have been flying happily throughout the world for over 10 years! Fly your flags indoors or out. Brighten a home's deck, greenhouse, garden area, office, apartment, or dorm! Printed on 100% cotton fabric sewn on 3 feet of cotton bias with intentional raw edges for natural weathering. Limited edition designs are featured annually.

#CrowCreekCool is proud to be part of the Makers Movement back to artisan techniques and skills while mentoring the next generation of artist-owners.  ☆ Persevere, Stay Positive, Be positive ☆ #sharewhatyouknow ☆ #livebrightly ☆ Shine On! 

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Get Your Welding On at UAA Continuing Ed!

Want to WELD some metal sculptures?! You asked, and UAA has made it HAPPEN - This summer our welding workshops were such a hit we are working on adding two more workshops over the 2016/17 UAA Winter Break and will have some sparky fun!

Space is very limited - These fast-paced, hands-on classes that introduce the art of metal sculpture and tools necessary to weld and create a metal sculpture. Focus is on welding, cutting, power tools, and use of found objects or up-cycled metals best suited for art and sculpture. Students create their own steel metal art while learning valuable insights into composition, structure, materials, finishes, and safety, working both independently and in creative group setting. All tools, materials and safety gear are included for use during class. We will post a registration link as soon as the workshops are finalized. These are non-credit classes through the UAA Transportation Power Division/UAA NDT Welding Department. Anticipated Class Dates will be:

Advanced Metal Art/Sculpture Welding Workshop - (17 hrs.)  2016 December 19 12-5, 12/20 12-4, 12/21 12-4, 12/22 12-4   

Intermediate Metal Art/Sculpture Welding Workshop (22 hrs.) -2017 January 9 12-4, 1/10 12-4, 1/11 12-4, 1/12 12-4 (no 12/13) & 1/14 9-3 

Happy HeARTs Day with FREE artful Valentine cards!

I HEART hearts! Right up there with Ravens, a good Tamale, and date night with my husband, are hearts! For Valentine's Day, I have created 4 FREE Valentine cards for you to download the PDF file, print, cut and fold to share with those you love. A fun make it-take it envelop pattern link is also below.

I've designed these original, graphic cards using images from my hand-crafted Art Cloth collection created using digital transfers, fabric inks, free motion sewing and fiber art collage. These are some of my favorites pieces to share and I hope you enjoy them too.

Happy HeARTs Day friends!

Unconditional Love Valentine Card Link

Happy Hearts Day Valentine Card Link

Heart in Hand Valentine Card Link

Happy Heart, Happy Home Valentine Card Link

Need a Happy HeARTs Day envelope? Try this one from Tinkerlab.

AIGA Membership

My new AIGA membership card arrived today -wait, member since 1995?! Holy fonts Batman, where did the time go?! For my WOMEN design associates, a wonderful Women Lead Resource site with AIGA:

TBT dated and not so dated design!

Alyeska Resort was one of my clients and I used to design the season passes for Alyeska using a hard to duplicate (at that time) foil embossed logo with color coded employee, regular pass holders and weekday passes etc. At the time we were also the founders/owners of the Java Haus which I designed the legendary "Espresso Pass" as well as the Java Haus logo which is still used today.

NEW EBooks Now Available On Blurb! iBook for iPad Format

Original, illustrated letters are created in the shape of the animal in which their name starts with! From alligators sharing a spear of asparagus, to the zebra zipping on a zigzag suit, discover fun, animal antics and the entire alphabet with 
The Amazing Animal Alphabet, written and illustrated by Cindy Shake.

From a brown bear balancing a bunch of blueberries, to an otter opening oodles of oysters, discover fun, animal antics and the entire alphabet with The Alaska Animal Alphabet! Each original, hand illustrated letter is in the shape of the animal it's name starts with -fun for all ages! Learn about Alaska and the ABC's by Alaska artist, Cindy Shake!