Crow Creek Cool & ARTful Originals!

Based in Girdwood, Alaska, we design creative provisions to #LiveBrightly including, BAGS, RAVEN & OCEAN FLAGS, FRESH ART, SURFACE DESIGN & TEXTILES in Girdwood, Alaska USA. 

Our original idea to create a cool, water-resistant Growler Bag after a wet & snowy walk home from Girdwood La Bodega, grew to become our most popular brand – Crow Creek Cool.  Our one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted new media provisions are designed as we say for "G'hood Cooltility!" Our indoor/outdoor provisions are designed for those with a no-door lifestyle!

Our ORIGINAL and vibrant Garden Flags designed by Cindy Shake have been flying happily throughout the world for over 10 years! Fly your flags indoors or out. Brighten a home's deck, greenhouse, garden area, office, apartment, or dorm! Printed on 100% cotton fabric sewn on 3 feet of cotton bias with intentional raw edges for natural weathering. Limited edition designs are featured annually.

#CrowCreekCool is proud to be part of the Makers Movement back to artisan techniques and skills while mentoring the next generation of artist-owners.  ☆ Persevere, Stay Positive, Be positive ☆ #sharewhatyouknow ☆ #livebrightly ☆ Shine On! 

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