In the Studio

Working in acrylic and inspired by "Gladys, Ethel & Lucy, 3 backyard chickens" Follow them on IG at

 I've been inspired lately by natural dyes and the idea of making them into drawing inks. I've collected lichens, mushrooms and moss from the Girdwood Valley and berries from Mt. Alyeska.

These are the various label ideas I designed for the different colors of inks.
I've been tracking and logging the different color strengths, alchemy and experiments using the lichens, berries, mosses, mushrooms with varying results -some are spectacular and others are getting scrapped.
First bottles of ink! 

Raven Flag production
Lot's of sewing and production going on for the Raven Garden Flags!

My Ravens being sized for the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center Lab Coat project.

Little can of summertime joy in the studio!
Ahhhh, SPRING finally popping up in the front garden!

Design and sketch for a new art quilt using up-cycled dryer fabric sheets. The art quilt was of red poppies.

Sketch for my second entry in the Alaska Fiber Festival Wearable Art Show.

Working on my entry for the Alaska Fiber Festival Wearable Art Show...

I keep a stack of recycled paper from the ink jet and laser printers handy. Usually, I'll cut the scrap paper in half -for some reason I'll use it more when it's the smaller size. When I don't draw ideas in one of my Moleskine little black books, I write down ideas on the back of this recycled paper. These are some ideas for the new Art Cloth fabric squares I'm working on and wanted to write them down before they leave my little art brain!

Drawings for the latest quilt design, a hibernating black bear.

Some of my ideas for the Macy's Great American Elf Adventure! I decorated a "Birthday Cake Elf!"

Design and black and white copy of my new art quilt. I made a xerox of the crane on the finished quilt to better study the tones of the fabric I used.